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What the Hell, y'all?

I’ll tell you what’s the God’s honest truth, y’all. I have been feeling really lost the last few weeks. 

I crave a voice of faith in Ashe County that speaks out against what is happening to our democracy right now. 

 A voice that contradicts the noise of white Christian nationalism.  Loudly. 

I’m in need of some wisdom and encouragement, so I am turning to you folks to help solve this quandary.  

 I don’t feel right wearing my faith on my sleeve, but neither can I watch silently when the other candidates are purporting their version of Christianity to be the only one.  

Honestly y’all, this feels like the year we all have to step up and speak out against this crap that has been parading as Christianity for years, this crap that looks nothing like the Jesus that said “follow me” 

Personally, I prefer to identify as a follower of the Way of Jesus. I have struggled with the word Christian for many years. 

It feels as though my Christianity has been hijacked by extremists. 

It feels as though my flag has been hijacked by extremists. 

The Sermon on the Mount has been deemed woke by extremists

The Constitution of the United States of America has been deemed woke, again, by extremists. 

 This is not a new thing. The Christian church backed Hitler up until 1945, the Taliban, ISIS, religious nationalism doesn’t change. It’s always the same game, different name. 

What the heck y’all ?  I’ve always figured I’d be good if I stayed on the team that didn’t burn books, and now the people who call themselves followers of Christ are not only doing that, but calling human beings “vermin” , "not really people" . NC overwhelmingly went for a man who says he would prefer women didn't vote and a lot of other crap, State Superintendent of Schools could be a woman who endorses Moms for Liberty. Holy Heifers Batman!!!

For several years I have been studying the evolution of Christianity into White Christian Nationalism.

When Colin Kapernick took a knee, when he shared the story of how he had come to this decision..  I cried… I thought “ Man ! What a  beautiful protest. No one could object to that!”   

Then the president called him a son of a bitch and called for him to be fired from the NFL … since when do presidents get involved in hiring and firing of private individuals working in private corporations? 

All the while we were watching videos of black men and women, black children being murdered by police and when we called for reform to make sure that bad cops got fired, that movement was categorized as bad somehow ?  

And when did it happen that the flag and the cross got confused?  

Was it in 1954 when we added “Under God” to the pledge?

Was it in 1955 when we traded E Pluribus Unum for In God We Trust? Or was it later , after the Civil RIghts Movement when Bob Jones and Jerry Falwell started segregation academies masquerading as Christian schools? 

Gradually we turned the flag and the pledge from something patriotic into something sacred, holy; most of us haven’t even blinked. 

Years ago a Presbyterian preacher from Greensboro, Pastor Mark Sandlin, said to watch out for the Stars and Stripes appearing in sanctuaries.  I don’t believe I would have even been aware of the sinister nature of such a thing had I not had that awareness.  Then I started reading books like “Jesus and John Wayne” by Kristin Kobes DuMez.  “Blessed” by Kate Bowler etc. More recently “The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory” by Tim Alberta, a pastor who speaks out against what has happened to the Evangelical Church. 

As I  became more and more cognizant of the threat I started seeing things. Remember when the Church in Tennessee had a “blessing of the guns service” 

(if you don’t, just Google Greg Locke)  Or churches right here in Ashe started removing women Sunday School teachers from being in authority over 12 year old boys?  

When the sheriff's campaign posters featured a cross wrapped up in a flag? 

We stuck our fingers in our ears and said  lalalalalalalalala he’s a God fearing Christian lalalalalalala. 

These were not signs of a healthy democracy y’all. Now they are saying the quiet part out loud, and well, here we are. 

 We have a group teaching  constitution classes  based on the premise that God wrote the Constitution.  Yeah, the one that starts out “We the people of the United States of America… “  that one, yep.

The republican people of our county and state overwhelmingly just selected a man to run for Governor who has said “Women should never have been allowed to vote” among other ridiculous things.  Who called “the civil rights movement “crap” and vowed to work on MLK Day because he’s “not a leach." “

We have a minority of citizens who have hamstrung the entire country because they believe that a con artist is the Second Coming of Jesus.  

The same man who had the national guard clear a church so he could stand in front of it holding a Bible upside down for a photo op ! 

The guy who autographs Bibles. 

Yep, that's the one. 

Maybe they don’t all believe that, but he serves their purposes so they don’t contradict him. 

When are we going to take off the gloves and call him what he is? 

I realize this blog entry will probably lose me some voters. But if I, and those who think like me, don't speak out… Well then, who will?  

 Anyway…. If y’all would just keep me in your hearts and in your prayers… I sure would appreciate it.  I’ve got to decide if this campaign calls for opening my mouth or shutting it.  

Stay tuned. 

I love you !

Nancy Beth 

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